Mechanics of Embrace getting some new friends

Thank you for the good folks at Gizmodo for doing a little piece about 'Mechanics of Embrace'. Also the gif included was quite fun.

Here's the link to Gizmodo. 

Also, as is the way of the internet, the piece got some follow ups which gave the sculpture some new meaning. Some about loneliness, sadness and love, which is all fine. My starting point for the work was about how to feel your own hands on your back, in a technical way, that you wouldn't really be touching your back, but the structure would copy the movements of your hands, like when you would do when hugging someone. I simplified the process to 3 joints for one arm. Also thematically it's continuing my full contact sculptures which I'm still working with. (New stuff is coming! ) So I had this technical start for the work, but I noticed quite quickly that it also had a certain calming effect on people. And on me. Also, after one museum exhibition, I got some really touching feedback of a father of an autistic child, a little boy who really enjoyed the use of the work and after 50 times or so, had easier to hug real people. After this I have also found the works of Temple Gradin and her squeeze chair etc. This work is a good example about what my work's can actually teach me.  

Yes, I did some googling about my work, I was curious. Here are some results.

Hug this machine to get hugged right

When no one loves you, this terrifying wooden hugging machine will.

Feeling sad? Let this machine give you a great big hug.

This machine gives hugs, so you'll never have to Netflix and chill...

Others seek to hug it's better to give yourself a hug (Translated from chinese). Omelette life? Whatever, but this is one is quite interesting...

Feel the smooth

If you seen the movie Harold & Maude from the year 1971, you know how deeply some people want to touch sculptures. I made a small piece here inspired by the movie. I used 2 mm thick and very fine sandpapered plywood (what else) to give the smoothest experience for your hand. 

This is going to be part of a little exhibition at gallery Sculptor, but more about that later.



Construction site fun!

I visited one construction site one beatiful day and what do I find? Something that Bob the Builder could be proud of. These scaffoldings are the most sculpture like scaffoldings I have seen inside Finland. And straight out of my construction site drawing series. What is happening? Was there some project manager who said, hey we need our scaffolds to look like Eskelinen's drawings, no matter what. Make it happen. Thank you guys. Seriously. Made my day.

Well, I really need to check the backstory of these things.




Little things

lately I've been more tinkering with little things, which don't make so much sense yet. Hmm..


Here I think I know where this is going.


with this

The Drawing Stick

Since I was a little kid, I have wanted to own a glorious drawing stick. This mechanical stick allows you to make copies of your drawings or make two simultaneous drawings. And you can change the scale to make bigger or smaller drawings. I was thinking of starting a copy shop back then.  As a 8 year old.  Well, now I remembered all this when I found one at a fleamarket in the city of Rovaniemi. But…It had no price tag and they couldn’t sell it without it. No, really, they couldn’t do it. And my flight was leaving… So, no drawing stick. No prize tag. No stick. Nothing. Nada. You probably heard my yell of one syllable. Well, anyway, here's at least a picture of it. Right next to Jerry Cotton. Piirustikku?


Reader's readers



And the soundcones and the needles are installed to the base structure. I just made that word - soundcone. Sounds like a band. This work actually sounds like a rusty cello band. So i'm the conductor?

New sledge


New self-made sledge for the table saw. Just makes me think why I didn't make this years ago. Just couldn't be bothered with things like that I guess. Hmm.

Think of the floor as a record

Working on the new stuff for the Sculptors union's exhibition. First new work on the new studio. This piece is going to be useable by the viewer. I'll give you a hint on the title of the post what to with it.


So it's not finished or anything and will still go through major changes,but that's where it's now. I actually hate some parts of it. So, some destruction will happen. 

A door - finally



This took some time, but finally we have a lockable soundproof door for sculptors.

Summer polygons

Dammit, this polygonal form was   Hard to do and saw. It took me severel tries to find the right angles and I even had the table for the angles and miter cuts. I guess I should have paid more attention on the math classes back on the days. But all in all, I got it how it should be done and I got it done. So, happy me and a smiley face.


Working on the new studio

This hole is changing to something wonderful....really!

This hole is changing to something wonderful....really!

Yes, I had to move my workshop and everything. Took some time to find a new place, but finally. Finally. I have moved.

 Lately I've been mostly renovating my new studio. There's lot to be done with the new space and I haven't been working on my sculptures for a while, so I'm really excited to get the new place up and running. The previous users really knew how to mesh everything up. Even the windows were painted. It's going to be clean, white and well organized. Yey! 

Study of a mutation

Study of a mutation

Small sculpture. I wanted to go smaller with this. Got it ready. It took more time than I expected, but it was a fun experiment. I have couple ideas for new ones, but I'm not sure if I'm really that interested in continuing this scale. We'll see. Lately, I've been more into drawing. Hmm, oh the choices the choices.

Forgotten work

I don't know how I have forgotten this work from everything. I showed it once in a 3 month summer exhibition. the structure is rotating slowly and the grass is growing there and getting used to this virtual gravity. It was called 'virtual reality'.  Clever eh?


My first light

finally got my light on the wall. It has just been on floor for couple of months. Everybody was tripping on it all the time. My feet will thank me. I think I'm going to continue making these unique lights. It was fun to make. No pressure like with more serious artworks. I have to also say thank you to my dear Erica, who had an idea how to make it or on which side to turn it. 


Gotta collect them all!

Forstner bits! Yes!  This 80 mm one  arrived today. Best way to drill bigger holes. They are a bit on an expensive side, but worth every penny.  Now I just can't wait to start drilling holes. Remember dear reader - Forstner bits!